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  • Available with keels or daggerboards
  • Large entertaining area
  • Starboard side owners’ cabin
  • A Charter version
  • Port side double cabins
  • Large Galley including induction hob and electric cooker with fridge and freezer drawers
  • Owners version
  • Raised Helm seat
  • Stem with davits for the dinghy

Company Product Overview

We believe that due to the environmental pressures on our blue planet causing climate change and other well documented issues about the damage being inflicted through the over use of fossil fuels, the time has come for the production of more environmentally friendly sailboats, yachts and Catamarans.

We therefore propose to design and build seaworthy yachts which are aesthetically pleasing as well as being safe to use crossing oceans in any weather, and easy to manoeuvre in port or constricted locations.

Our yachts will then have modern electrical equipment on board to ease day to day sailing, with all important equipment backed up/supported with alternatives so that safety in never compromised.

Our yachts will possess some innovative features to ensure that they meet our highest standards for being environmentally friendly, yet safe to use shorthanded with only a couple of people on board.

For most recreational sailors, the ideal yacht is one which can take you anywhere, whether that’s crossing an ocean or pottering up a quiet river for the weekend. Whilst a relatively fast yacht, she is not a ‘racer’ but will sit nicely in the popular cruising bracket.

Our yachts will be fitted out to a very high standard by our joiners, using traditional boat building methods and practices so that they are strong, stable, beautiful and safe. As our customer, you will have a choice of different finishes so that you are more involved in the production of your boat. We also offer a range of optional extras for a reasonable price, different to the IKEA type finishes from some manufacturers

Our yachts are mainly electric, with batteries being charged via wind and solar. Battery development has come on a long way with quicker charging and better charge retention being the most important features.

Whilst it would be great to offer a full electric only model, we are aware that it would be too big a change for most of our customers. Therefore we are incorporating a generator alongside the 2 electric sail drives as back up for energy production. These are diesel, but only require a minimal amount for operation, so batteries will replace the big diesel tanks.

We would like to introduce the first of two catamarans, the Cerulean MAX 42SC designed by Max Cruise Marine. This will be a Hybrid yacht for the cruising Blue water sailor and it fits very nicely into the charter market offering two layouts for each class.

The power for this design is threefold and unique. It draws power from the sun in the form of solar but also hydro so as the yacht is sailing, the turning propellers will in fact be charging the batteries. Wind power is also included as a source of energy. A generator and shore power connections are also included.

For optional safety, our catamaran is fitted with an electric cooker there is no need to be endlessly searching for propane gas. The cooker has a two-ring induction hob and an electric oven, microwave and grill.

Let’s not forget water, for which there is a water maker fitted as standard ensuring you have water whenever you require.

A drawer freezer and fridge are also fitted as standard.

We are confident that our yachts will meet even the most discerning customer’s needs and provide endless days of cruising pleasure………..

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